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Want to know how web video
can help increase your traffic?



After more than 10 years, Internet Site Promotions continues to be an online leader in Atlanta Video Production. Online video consumption continues to rise as more companies promote their Internet sites with video (ComScore). Online video includes both streaming and progressive download video and its programming is mainstream; broadband connections now reach an estimated 80% of web users in Metro Areas. Video has become the preferred method of informing customers about product updates and special events. Video players, below, with retargetable banners increase clicks across extended networks like partner sites or video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Internet Site Promotions LLC, in conjunction with in-house sister company Atlanta Video Producers, provides web, standard definition and high definition video production services for streaming media players, video downloads and content delivery networks. From entertaining and informative webisodes to corporate video news releases that promote executive interviews, testimonials, product launches and live footage of special events, an engaging video is the best way to promote your company website, its products and services.

Once your video production is complete it's time to make sure it is optimized for delivery and for search. Internet Site Promotions will prepare your video for search engines and audiences alike. Whether your target viewer has broadband, high speed or dial up connection speed, a consistent viewer experience is critical.


According to ComScore, a leader in digital marketing intelligence, more than 78% of the Internet viewing audience watches online video, and the average online video viewer watched 309 minutes of video, or more than 5 hours a month. Video advertising, due to the ability of content delivery networks to deliver highly engaged, targeted audiences, is a growing phenomenon in the online advertising space. Let Internet Site Promotions work to ensure your video is served to a vertical network with the highest audience engagement and the best monetization platform possible. Whether you are offering banner ads to strategic partners or casting a wider net, Internet Site Promotions keeps abreast of streaming media developments and opportunities.