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One of Atlanta's best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies, Internet Site Promotions has more than 10 years experience placing our clients on page one of Google. What sets us apart from other SEO companies? We have produced page one rankings in the most competitive markets, including automotive, real estate and tourism (case studies, right), at a fraction of the cost. Our services are in-house, we never outsource to overseas companies.
Auto SEO and SEM Case Study

Internet Site Promotions' search engine optimization involves the most ethical "white hat" SEO techniques. Since our search marketing works because it is based on market position, Internet Site Promotions won’t get your website banned or penalized.

If your business is not ranking on the top page of Google for your company name, website, location, products or services, Internet Site Promotions can help. Our clients win page one.

Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of our Search Marketing campaigns, but results do not occur overnight. For clients who request immediate market penetration Search Advertising, a Pay Per Click model, is the common solution. Internet Site Promotions creates successful search advertising campaigns.

Sponsored Search, Search Engine Marking, (SEM)  is the process of buying search rankings based on keywords, geography and budget. Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter allow us to secure paid rankings, serve rich media and target specific demographics to jump-start or enhance your online search share of the market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the most prominent of Internet marketing categories available to promote websites. Search Engine Marketing is the broader term because it encompasses a broader range of services than search engine optimization. SEO has one primary goal: to win rankings on search engines like Google.


Our Internet marketing expert seeks to increase web traffic by targeting search engines’ natural, or free, search results. Internet Site Promotions makes sure your site is properly registered with major search engines and controls how it is viewed on the SERPs (search engine results pages), such as your company description, phone number and other important information searchers need to see first.

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Local Search is critical to your success because each computer has a unique “address” that provides geographical tracking data to search engines and smart phones. Because serving the most relevant search results is paramount to a search engine’s business model, localizing results is naturally critical. For many business plans, products or services will have a national reach and, therefore, separate search models should be considered. For most business plans, however, winning the search rankings for their local area is an important public relations and branding goal, as well as the fundamental building blocks for growth.

Internet Site Promotions works directly with Google’s local business center and registers your company, much like we hand-register your web site to ensure it’s indexed correctly with Google's search engine.

By linking your company in Google Maps, we control categorization of your business, we have the ability to offer online coupons, and we provide detailed hours of operation, methods of payment, logos and more.

Search Engine Marketing includes SEO, search advertising (referred to as sponsored or paid search) and strategic planning through existing directories and portal sites like Yellow Pages, City Search, Yelp, Kudzu and Yellow Book. Internet Site Promotions, for example, recommends buying media within Google’s content network, which reaches 80% of global Internet users, making it the world's #1 ad network. Those include image search, video search and mobile search, which are described in other sections.

Social Networks were the buzz of Web 2.0 development because they helped online communications gain a viral component. Non-technical emerging media enthusiasts were able to upload and share their own “user generated content.” Social Networking made the Internet fun and accessible to millions of users. For these reasons, social networks should be an important consideration in your online branding and marketing efforts. For more information about Internet Site Promotions' social networking services click here: Internet Site Promotions Social Networking.


Internet Site Promotions does the footwork. We research keywords using analysis tools and experienced-based market knowledge. We go beyond the basics and experiment with long-tail phrasal combinations specific to location, products and services. Once we determine your search campaign goals, we hand-register your business with Google and other search engines and directory and portal networks. Automatic directory and search engine submissions cannot guarantee the same level of precision that Internet Site Promotions produces. Hand registration is the only way to ensure your keywords are posted and your links provide the most relevant search engine results.

Real Estate Search Engine OptimizationFor complete integrated search engine marketing campaigns, Internet Site Promotions looks beyond basic targeted keywords and search phrases and determines which directory and portal sites are most important for your company's products and services. Secondary search engines exist for niche audiences and are very useful for regional and local natural rankings. Targeted search engines like Tour and Travel sites along with online versions of daily newspapers and other alternative media are a must for restaurant listings, real estate, banking, educational and other localized services.


Do regular searches for your company name rank high on your Public Relations priority list? Do you know what your customers are saying about you? Because of the proliferation and mass popularity of third party sites such as Yelp and Citysearch, reputation management is now a critical component of Internet marketing and communications. Optimizing press materials in the form of website content, online newsletters and email campaigns are among the best practices Internet Site Promotions employees use to maintain your company name and its products and services in the best possible light.

Online reputation management is a newer component of search marketing, and increasingly a more sought-after resource. Perhaps your competition is in the midst of an aggressive Pay Per Click campaign using your company name or a disgruntled former employee is attempting to run a blog smear campaign? Internet Site Promotions provides solutions to counteract campaigns from groups or individuals that affect your online reputation.

Consider a news or press section link in your website. A well-optimized press release enables another outlet for link building and keyword density. Like a relevant press release about your company, popular blogs attract lots of links and help establish individuals as credible authorities and resources. Blogs are not static text; they are vessels for sharing and linking information in texts as well as through rich media including audio, video and images.


Video optimization has two meanings for websites, both of which are addressed by Internet Site Promotions. The first form of video optimization concerns your viewer’s experience. That is to say, what formats and platforms yield the best overall experience for the highest common denominator? Based on your target audience there are variables to consider, which are covered in our video section.

From a search marketing perspective, video optimization is Internet Site Promotions' process of hand-registering and uploading marketing videos to major distribution channels such as YouTube and Google. Keywords –- or meta data –- that describe the contents of your video are our most useful tools. We also hand-tool links and other pertinent data to ensure your video is indexed, searchable and informative.

As SERPs (search engine results pages) move from traditional websites (now including social networking sites, e-Commerce sites, directory and portal sites) to universal search, we now encounter video search results, image search results and local business listings in our search results. Internet Site Promotions converts images like corporate logos and other branding collateral into optimized naming conventions for traditional and universal search results.


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